Project Description

A complete access control system in an inexpensive appliance. Your smartphone is your identityEvery time you check-in at a location, the people that care about you get notified.

  • Zero configuration mobile app. Turn it on. Point the screen towards the camera. That’s it.
  • Catch the cheaters! QR codes change every few seconds… they cannot be copied and reused.
  • There are no complex servers to set up. Power on the PI, connect it to the network and use a web browser to manage the system.
  • It’s so easy to enrol new users. Every time an unknown person tries to log in, the system administrator is asked – in real time – to grant access.

Technical Description

  • Off the shelf hardware: Raspberry pi model B + camera module 
  • iPhone and Android apps written in JS and built via 
  • zbar ( does live QR detection in video streams 
  • the web app lives on the pi: our first experience with Django